'The New Adventures of Old Christine' S05E13 Truth or Dare

CHRISTINE: I used to be a strong, independent woman!

Elaine Benes Christine Campbell Elaine Benes on ‘The New Adventures of Old Christine’


“Ba-rocking the Vote for Obama today. Dig it!” (x)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins an Emmy for the first time, for her role as Elaine Benes on Seinfeld (September 7, 1996)

“A lot of people say that our show is about nothing, but of course it’s been about plenty of something for me. It has been the greatest job of my life.”

Tina: Julia and I were asked to present together because we have so much in common. We both got our start on Saturday Night Live. 
Julia: Both of us have children and Emmys, which we love equally. 
Tina: And both of us will pretend to be happy for the other one if she wins tonight. Good luck, Julia. 
Julia: You too, darling. 
Tina: Don’t touch me.